Curt Blanding’s collection of Don Blanding information


Link to – The most complete web-site about Don Blanding.  A very through biography and bibliography.  This site is maintained by Keith Emmons

Don Blanding's genealogy – A pdf file of Don Blanding’s ancestors all the way back to France in the 15th century.

Don Blanding books – A web-album with lots of pictures of Don Blanding books

Don Blanding Illustrations - Some Illustrations reproduced from Don Blanding books.

In An Old Hawaiian Garden – Reproductions of all 16 of the Word Pictures and Flower Pictures from the book “In An Old Hawaiian Garden”, 3rd edition, published in 1947

Don Blanding ceramics by Vernon KilnsA web-album with lots of pictures of Vernon Kilns ceramics pieces designed by Don Blanding circa 1938 – 1940.


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